De-Googling LineageOS 18.1


A LineageOS desktop


LineageOS is an open-source derivative of Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is pretty lean and comes out of the box without all the crapware of the big smartphone vendors, which means: almost no tracking by third parties.

Google is still nosing around, though, so it needs a few tweaks before you can call it a true private OS. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to do so. Part of it is an English translation of the excellent Kuketz-Blog (German).

If you follow the steps below on a vanilla LineageOS 18.1 without MicroG, you will achieve feature parity with /e/OS. Check out their whitepaper regarding details.


  1. High-Level System Settings
  • Change system browser defaults
  • Disable phone number lookup
  • Change the Domain Name Server (DNS)
  1. Helpful apps
  1. Low-level system settings


… if you want to follow all steps:

  1. adb and fastboot set up on a host system
  2. LineageOS 18.1 installed
  3. … and rooted with Magisk
  4. Developer mode enabled by tapping build number 7 times in Settings -> About phone -> Build number)
  5. Options enabled in Settings -> System -> Advances -> Developer options:
  • USB debugging
  • Rooted debugging